• Commitment to innovation, research and development to provide new and better solutions.
  • Proximity with farmers and distributors to identify their needs and requirements.
  • Guarantee of quality, with durable and effective products respectful with the environment, constant pursuit of excellence.
  • Commitment to sustainable agriculture, with effective solutions to control crop diseases, without residues and ensuring biodiversity, human health, animal and vegetable, in accordance with the requirements of the XXI century society.
  • Maintenance of independence and autonomy from large corporations.
  • Cooperation and collaboration between universities, research centres and other institutions to exploit synergies and learn.
  • Integrity and honesty of our employees to meet always the requirements of our customers, suppliers and partners.

The goal of Biocontrol Technologies is to provide the growers with effective and environmentally friendly solutions for crop protection. Our product, T34 Biocontrol ® is innovative in the control of plant disease; it is highly effective and maintains the optimal health of the crop minimizing pesticide risk.

Biocontrol Technologies aims to become a world leader in the development of biological products, providing effective solutions for growers, environmental friendly and safety solutions for producer, user and consumer. The company aims to get their products worldwide.