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Trends in pesticide use.

BLOG / 04.02.20161 comments

Trends in pesticide use in agriculture.

Many of the ideas in the book of Rachel Carson (1962) are compatible with the strategy of integrate pest and disease managment (IPM)and the policy to reduce the chemical pesticide use adopted mainly in EU –USA and internationally.

Professor Lynn Epstein 1 has published “Fifty years since Silent Spring” in Annual Review of Phytopathology 2 (2014) 52:377-402. It is an interesting review that shows the evolution in pesticide use /regulatory changes on agriculture from 1962 to 2012-13 with the background of the claims on the book written by Rachel Carson3 in 1962. In this review article, L. Epstein shows through different examples the compatibility of many of the ideas from this book with the current strategies of the integrated pest management (IPM) adopted internationally and mostly in EU.