Benefits for applying T34 Biocontrol


  • Protection against several plant pathogens (preventive and curative effects)
  • Enhance the mineral uptake of nutrients by plants in field, increasing root development, plant growth and yield.
  • Absence of plant toxicity. Activation of plant defenses mechanisms by the induction of systemic resistance (ISR). No induction of pathogen resistance
  • Registered in Europe in the Annex IV of Regulation EC 396/2005 as substance free of residues (residue 0).


  • Use of a clean, safety and effective crop technology with diverse modes of action.
  • Highly concentrate product with a formulation suitable for both soil and foliar application.
  • Suitable in IPM programs and Organic farming.
  • MRL exempt, applications can be done close to harvest.


  • Safety Product for human and animal health.
  • No chemical residues on plant (leaves /fruits).
  • For optimal and safety use read the labels and follow the instructions.


  • No negative effects on non-target organisms (arthropods, bees, earthworms, Daphnia, Lemma and fishes).
  • Allows the re-establishment of the microbial equilibrium in agro-ecosystems.