14th Spanish Plant Protection Symposium

NEWS / 31.01.2017

T34 Biocontrol® is presented in the 14th Spanish Plant Protection Symposium

Prof. Trillas participates in the Symposium celebrated in Seville with the lecture “T34 Biocontrol®, a new biofungicide for plant protection” invited by IQV Agro, the distributor of the product in the Iberian Peninsula.

Between the 25th and 27th of January 2017, took place in Seville the 14th Edition of the Spanish Symposium on Plant Protection under the title "Towards change". It is organized by the Official Association of Agricultural Technical Engineers of Western Andalusia and sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture of Spain and the Government of Andalucía.

The President of the 14th Edition of the Symposium, Ms. Mª Cruz Ledro del Águila, justified the title of the event to encourage reflection on plant health and the plant protection industry in the context of climate change, the impact of new European regulations and of new technologies.

The company IQV Agro, distributor for Spain and Portugal of Biocontrol Technologies, has organized the speech "T34 Biocontrol®, new biofungicide for plant protection" to introduce the product in this important event.

Dr. Trillas, inventor of T34 Biocontrol®, was in charge of presenting the lecture in front of more than 90 attendees in the Arcos room of the Hotel Meliá Lebreros in the city of Seville. The speech was focused on the modes of action of the product (activation of plant defence mechanisms, disease control and improvement of plant nutrition), the application of the product in different crops and diseases, and the benefits it entails. Mr. José Pedro Sánchez, Sales Manager of Biocontrol Technologies, said: ”the product is arousing much interest among Spanish farmers; they increasingly demand more effective and safe products that meet the strictest European regulations, T34 Biocontrol® can clearly cover these demands.”

This event is organized in the framework of IQV Agro’s campaign to publicize and promote this new plant protection product among growers after it was authorized in Spain last November.The first promotional event of the T34 Biocontrol® was the 24 th November 2016 in Almeria, where more than 200 technicians attended.


14th Spanish Plant Protection Symposium
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